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Making Time for Online

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Well, I’m getting there.  I’ve been playing around with this blog and trying to find as many little applications and widgets that will make my online life go a little easier.  As much as I love working on the computer, I really don’t want to spend my entire day on here.  Aside from this, I still have some college classes to finish and I am doing a little bit of job hunting on the side.  Additionally, I’m dealing with my daughter’s health, which has been a little funky lately.  I’m not quite sure what is gong on with her, but her doctor said it’s possible that her mono has reactivated.
That would seriously stink.

The poor girl just started back to school and might find herself homebound again with another illness.
She’s been out the past two days with severe weakness and muscle aches.  There’s no fever, but her throat is a little scratchy.  Swine flu was casually mentioned, but the doctor said she’ll wait until Monday to see if the symptoms improve before she actually runs some blood work.
The school system is so cranky when it comes to missed school days and I’m already stressing from the fact that she has missed 4 days in the past 2 weeks.  What can you do, though, right?  Her health is so much more important than the school getting upset over a few absences.
I do hate it when she is sick, though.  I truly think that is one a mother’s greatest burdens.  Seeing our children hurt, sick, upset…etc…it’s such a nightmare sometimes.

My daughter, the Minuto

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Well, tonight was the final night of Meg’s middle school drama performance in the Adventures of a Comic Book Artist. She played the role of a Minuto – one of the evil minions to the villain, Doctor Shock Clock. This was a much bigger role than she had in the play last year and she is asking to take some acting classes Read the rest of this entry »

School concert

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When Meghan was in 1st grade I decided that I would no longer video tape the entire length of her school concerts anymore. I never really watched the entire performance from kindergarten and chances are I would never watch the entire video of any concert that would follow.
Sure, I’d pop in the tape to watch a few minutes of her kindergarten concert to see how sweet and little she looked. But, I honestly would not sit back and watch the entire 90 minute performance again.
Soooo, I came up with an idea.
I would have one video tape. The Official School Concert Tape. This tape would hold a total of five to ten minutes from each of her school concerts.
Now, that I would sit down and watch. Imagine the tape beginning with her in kindergarten then five minutes later there she is again singing in first grade. Then second grade and so forth.

In theory – it sounded like a terrific idea.

Well, last year I couldn’t find the Official Concert Tape so I had to use another tape. It was no big deal since I just figured I would copy 5 minutes of the concert to the Official Tape when I found it again. Well, the tape in my video camera got all bent and had a horrid line running through the entire performance. Second grade ended up being a no-go.

Tonight was the 3rd grade performance. Was I prepared? Of course not. No papers were sent home about the concert and my daughter (who is turning out to be as ‘blonde’ as I am) tells me this afternoon that her concert is in 3 hours.
So, I rush her into the shower, I search for her long black skirt and sparkle white shirt, I have to head out to the store to get stockings for her…all the while, praying for just a small ounce of patience and black stockings, too….and I then grab my video camera and out the door we go.
As I am sitting in my seat in the auditorium, preparing the camcorder, I notice that the little picture of the battery in the viewscreen looks awfully empty. Within seconds the screen goes black.
So much for the 3rd Grade concert.

At least I took a picture of her standing in our dining room before we left the house. *sigh* Well, maybe someone will read this and actually be successful in using my idea for an Official School Concert Tape.
Aside from the camcorder mishap, it was a good night. Meg adores her music teacher and I can see why – he has a terrific sense of humor and joked with the students throughout the entire performance. He obviously loves his job and really likes the kids. Some people were just born to be school teachers – they have a very special gift.