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Snowy October…Again!

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For the second year in a row we had snow in October.  This year wasn’t as bad as last year, but it was still a bit of a surprise.  I had been out helping my nieces’ mom (Rachel) do some housecleaning for a little extra cash when she got the phone call about the weather.  It snowed pretty much all day and didn’t end up sticking until evening.  I’d guess we got about an inch by the time it was all done.  I love the snow, but I definitely want a little more time enjoying the autumn leaves, you know?  The forecast for next week is supposed to be around 60 degrees again, so I guess the winter gloves get to go back in the closet for a little while longer.

My anxiety disorder has acting up…I’m not sure why, but it might have been triggered by the lack of sleep I have been experiencing.  A three-day headache will do that to you!  Luckily, it’s nothing I can’t handle.  I’m just taking it easy, catching up on my sleep when I can and hopefully this weekend will be what I need to get back to feeling like my old self.

My daughter and I went to a meeting at school this past Wednesday to get some more information about the possibility of her traveling to Poland next year as a foreign exchange student.  Truthfully, I’m excited about the idea, but I’m not sure she will be accepted into the program.  She has been struggling this year to keep her grades up.  She’s a really smart girl, but she has been racking up the absences and it’s affecting her grades.  We have an appointment this Thursday with the “tummy doc” and hopefully we’ll get some answers as to what is causing all her abdominal pain.  I just want her feeling better again.  She went from being one of the healthiest kids I know to the kind of kid that catches a cold or virus every other week.  I won’t even go into my fears about the H1N1 flu…if she were to catch that now, I am quite certain it would be one heck of a battle.  :-(

Hmmm…so, what else?

Did you hear about the Balloon Boy?   Basically, this family’s 6-year-old boy – Falcon Heene -  was thought to have been flying over Colorado in a hot air balloon yesterday.  Instead he was actually hiding in the family’s attic the entire time.  To make things even more interesting, there is a possibility that the family knew he was in the attic, but pretended otherwise in order to get a little extra publicity for their family.  Oh goodness.  I would find this incredibly funny except for the fact that they may have actually made this little boy lie about what happened.  Can you imagine how much stress he must be feeling in order to keep that secret?  I do hope that isn’t what really happened.  Meghan and I have a secret addiction to Wife Swap, so we are quite familiar with this particular family – they really are a little odd.  The father (Richard Heene) reminded us a little of the Crocodile Hunter – he had a mix of ADHD behavior with a childlike enthusiasm, but there was something about him that was a turnoff.  He didn’t seem very concerned with teaching his children about respect and manners.  That always bothers me when I see parents like that.

Well, I have a bunch of little tasks to do for the night.  I am trying to organize all my To-Do lists and set up some goals and tasks for the next few weeks.  I have a few job possibilities and I want to get a couple of my web sites up and running again.  I should be nice a busy for the rest of the month.  I like that.

On a very unrelated note…I hate tagging my blog posts.  I really do.  Mostly because I think I stink at it.  I never even look at or use tags when I visit other sites.  If I want to browse through a blog, I will click on the categories…I never really pay attention to tags.  I think I’m missing the point of them.
So, I fail at tagging.
I’ll also never admit to how long it takes me to decide which categories I should use for a blog post….I think I fail at categories, too.  LOL

Sunday With Monica

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This was not my usual Sunday.  I usually like to sleep in on Sundays until 10AM or so and then spend my day reading or catching up on the shows I taped on my DVR.  Nice, right?  :)

I made a worthwhile exception on this Sunday, though.  My 7-year-old niece Monica has been staying at a care facility for the past week and I was able to take some time this morning to visit her.  She was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (an autism spectrum disorder) when she was much younger and she has been having a bit of trouble with aggressive behaviors this year in school.  It was rough to watching her struggle these past few weeks and I’m just glad that she may finally be getting the extra help she needs.

Monica is such an amazing little girl.  She’s one of those kids that you meet once and always remember.  She is smart, bold, funny and curious!  She’ll ask questions about anything and everything and her imagination is incredibly entertaining.  She really listens to you when you talk and has such an enthusiasm for learning.  For the most part, you can’t even tell that she is dealing with any type of disorder.

When’s she’s having a good day…there is not a single person who can’t or won’t smile when they are around her.  Her energy is infectious.  On her bad days, though…she can be stubborn and difficult.  It’s almost like she shuts down and just reacts – usually in a manic, wild manner.  That part is what her school – your normal run-of-the-mill public school just couldn’t handle.  They tried…sort of.  I think they seriously just hoped that her mom and my brother would finally remove her from the school.

Last week, an aggressive incident at school finally caused her to be sent to a children’s center for evaluation.  They immediately changed her medication and reevaluated her condition.  She has been away from home for about 10 days now, but seems to be happy and excited to be experiencing something new.  The medication seems to be working and her aggressive behaviors are better…and they haven’t turned her into an emotionless zombie either.  The good news is that she’ll be coming home this Wednesday and they’ll be looking to temporarily enroll her in a special school for a few months.    I hope this will be the beginning of some good things for Monica.  She definitely deserves it…and her mom deserves the peace of mind that comes from knowing her child is happy and healthy.

So, all in all – a very good way to spend my Sunday morning.  We played checkers (Monica won…mostly because she sweetly asked me to be kind to her and to not break her heart by beating her) and we played Sorry….which is a game that can take FOREVER if everyone keeps getting sent back to start.

I actually came home and slept for the rest of the day.  I thought I was catching up on the missed Sunday morning sleep, but I think I might be fighting some type of cold of something.  I’m feeling really, really fatigued.  I’m not sure all that Purell is really doing its job.