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Welcome To The New Year!

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Yep – I’m back…for today, at least.

It has been a BUSY couple of months – the holidays always take up so much time, but things are slowing down a bit.  Or rather, I am learning to slow down a bit.  I have been doing so much reading about mindfulness and meditation and living in the moment…it sounds hokey, I guess, but it has made such a difference in my life.  I never realized how much time I actually spent thinking about the future or reviewing the past…and how much that actually affected my daily mood.

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.”

I have learned so much that I actually don’t know where to start, but one of my biggest changes is to no longer be bothered when someone “innocently inconveniences” me.  This includes the slow driver in front of me, the new checkout girl who is taking too long, the guy who connects me to the wrong number when I call for technical support, etc.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like I threw a hissy fit when that happened, but it would definitely cause some irritation and I was tired of feeling irritated.  Acceptance and peacefulness sure feels a lot better and definitely feels a lot more natural to me.  I used to be such a tolerant person,  but found that I have become impatient and ill-at-ease over the past few years.  It was definitely time for a different outlook.  :)

So, everything else is going fairly well in my life. Here’s the quick summary:

1 – I have my temporary job starting in 2 weeks.  The money from that should pay for at least one of my college courses.  I’ll only have 2 more classes to go after that.

2 – I started physical therapy last week for my neck and back.  They haven’t been feeling right since the mono last year.  I had some x-rays done and they showed a compression fracture in the middle of my back. I actually have no idea where that came from actually…the middle back only started hurting about a month ago.  I fell on my stairs about 4 years ago, so maybe it finally started hurting now?  I don’t know.  I also have muscle spasms in my neck and some osteoarthritis in my lower back and neck.  Ack!  I feel old.

3 – Meghan was taken to a natural homeopath last week.  She was still struggling with severe, but intermittent stomach pains.  It was determined that she is dealing with systemic yeast (Candida) overgrowth.  Normally the body can keep the yeast levels under control, but Meg was on birth control last year for a few months for her ovarian cyst and then she was put on 3 rounds of antibiotics for her sinus infection this fall.  That pretty much killed all the good bacteria in her system.  She also eats a lot of simple carbs and sugars, which is what the yeast feeds on.

So, how is it being treated?

Well, she’s been put on a yeast-free/sugar-free diet for the next 6 weeks.  Sugar-free also includes artificial sweeteners.  The only sweetener she can have is Stevia or xylitol.  I haven’t tried the xylitol, but Stevia can be a little bitter.  She’s having a rough time getting used to it.  Unfortunately for her I am quite a lousy cook and haven’t had a lot of luck making her meals for her.  My veggie soup came out way too salty.  My french toast tasted like cardboard and my spaghetti squash meal was gooey and gross.  :-(

At the rate we’re going, she’s going to starve before these 6 weeks are finally over.  LOL

Snowy October…Again!

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For the second year in a row we had snow in October.  This year wasn’t as bad as last year, but it was still a bit of a surprise.  I had been out helping my nieces’ mom (Rachel) do some housecleaning for a little extra cash when she got the phone call about the weather.  It snowed pretty much all day and didn’t end up sticking until evening.  I’d guess we got about an inch by the time it was all done.  I love the snow, but I definitely want a little more time enjoying the autumn leaves, you know?  The forecast for next week is supposed to be around 60 degrees again, so I guess the winter gloves get to go back in the closet for a little while longer.

My anxiety disorder has acting up…I’m not sure why, but it might have been triggered by the lack of sleep I have been experiencing.  A three-day headache will do that to you!  Luckily, it’s nothing I can’t handle.  I’m just taking it easy, catching up on my sleep when I can and hopefully this weekend will be what I need to get back to feeling like my old self.

My daughter and I went to a meeting at school this past Wednesday to get some more information about the possibility of her traveling to Poland next year as a foreign exchange student.  Truthfully, I’m excited about the idea, but I’m not sure she will be accepted into the program.  She has been struggling this year to keep her grades up.  She’s a really smart girl, but she has been racking up the absences and it’s affecting her grades.  We have an appointment this Thursday with the “tummy doc” and hopefully we’ll get some answers as to what is causing all her abdominal pain.  I just want her feeling better again.  She went from being one of the healthiest kids I know to the kind of kid that catches a cold or virus every other week.  I won’t even go into my fears about the H1N1 flu…if she were to catch that now, I am quite certain it would be one heck of a battle.  :-(

Hmmm…so, what else?

Did you hear about the Balloon Boy?   Basically, this family’s 6-year-old boy – Falcon Heene -  was thought to have been flying over Colorado in a hot air balloon yesterday.  Instead he was actually hiding in the family’s attic the entire time.  To make things even more interesting, there is a possibility that the family knew he was in the attic, but pretended otherwise in order to get a little extra publicity for their family.  Oh goodness.  I would find this incredibly funny except for the fact that they may have actually made this little boy lie about what happened.  Can you imagine how much stress he must be feeling in order to keep that secret?  I do hope that isn’t what really happened.  Meghan and I have a secret addiction to Wife Swap, so we are quite familiar with this particular family – they really are a little odd.  The father (Richard Heene) reminded us a little of the Crocodile Hunter – he had a mix of ADHD behavior with a childlike enthusiasm, but there was something about him that was a turnoff.  He didn’t seem very concerned with teaching his children about respect and manners.  That always bothers me when I see parents like that.

Well, I have a bunch of little tasks to do for the night.  I am trying to organize all my To-Do lists and set up some goals and tasks for the next few weeks.  I have a few job possibilities and I want to get a couple of my web sites up and running again.  I should be nice a busy for the rest of the month.  I like that.

On a very unrelated note…I hate tagging my blog posts.  I really do.  Mostly because I think I stink at it.  I never even look at or use tags when I visit other sites.  If I want to browse through a blog, I will click on the categories…I never really pay attention to tags.  I think I’m missing the point of them.
So, I fail at tagging.
I’ll also never admit to how long it takes me to decide which categories I should use for a blog post….I think I fail at categories, too.  LOL

A Trip to the Library

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So, I decided to visit my local library today.  I’m not a big fan of libraries, to tell you the truth.  We prefer to buy most of our books and keep them forever and ever…or sell the really bad ones on eBay.  Now that I am incredibly broke and finding myself with a desire to read more and learn more and do more, I decided the library would be the best place to do just that.

As it turns out, I found so many books that I want to read and I seriously can’t wait to go back and get some more.  My library is pretty small, but I think there are more than enough books to keep me busy reading for a while.

So what did I pick up today?  Well, I mixed it up a little bit.

Someone Like You

This is a Young Adult book which was one of the books that inspired the movie “How To Deal.”  I know I might be a little old for Young Adult, but I like Sarah Dessen and I like to share what I read with my teen daughter, so I will occasionally pick out books she might like, too.

Next on the list was:

Positive Energy: 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear into Vibrance, Strength, and Love

I’m being a little bit cautious when it comes to reading this one.  I picked it up on a whim, mostly because I am always talking to my daughter about how susceptible we are to the energy of the people around us.  (When I’m in a bad mood, she tends to get in a bad mood, too.  When someone in our family is sad, we only need to be around them for a short while and we quickly find ourselves to be sad as well.) My cautiousness is due to the fact that I fear this may be a little bit too “New-Age” for me, which might conflict with my Christian upbringing.  I would like to think I’m intelligent and open-minded enough to be able to gain insight from this type of book and  even find a way to mesh it with my (semi)firmly rooted Christian beliefs.

My final library book of the day was:

How to Solve Physics Problems (College Course)

This one…well, I’m a nerd who likes to learn new things.  I have a firm belief in those studies that state that our brain will deteriorate if we don’t keep using it.  This looked like fun and I like math and it’s not like I have anything else to do all day…ha.  I wish.  In any case, I am excited to get cracking on this and start creating new connections in the neural network of my brain….or whatever it is that happens when we learn.

As for everything else going on in my life.  Well, Meghan was home from school again today.  The virus knocked down her system enough that she seems to be fighting some type of sinus infection.  This is her 6th or 7th day out of school this year.  I sincerely hope this will be the last of her absences for a while.

Flu and Cold Season Has Arrived

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Well, I tried my best.  I bought a triple package of Purell and a bunch of those sanitizing sprays.  I washed my hands every day.  I sprayed my hands with a sanitizer after leaving a store.  I made sure Meghan did the same.  But, here we are sniffling and exhausted and headachy and obviously fighting some type of cold.  I live in a house with 3 other people who I know aren’t as diligent as I am about illness prevention and I am sure that has a lot to do with the fact that we are sick.
The question of the day, of course:  “Is it the H1N1 virus (a.k.a swine flu)?”  I don’t think so.  We don’t have it yet, at least.  None of us seem to have a fever, except for Meghan, who is only registering a slight one, at that.  Our throats are only intermittently scratchy and the biggest complaint is really our stuffy noses.  I’m just bummed because I really thought I was going to be one of the few who didn’t get sick at all this season.
So, she was sent home today from the nurse’s office with a slight fever and I’ll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.  September isn’t even over yet and I think she has been absent 6 days so far.   The first two days were for my grandmother’s funeral, but the rest were from illness.  This is going to be another interesting year.

My daughter, the Minuto

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Well, tonight was the final night of Meg’s middle school drama performance in the Adventures of a Comic Book Artist. She played the role of a Minuto – one of the evil minions to the villain, Doctor Shock Clock. This was a much bigger role than she had in the play last year and she is asking to take some acting classes Read the rest of this entry »

Sports injury

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This is Meghan’s third year in baseball and I was really really looking forward to the season starting. I love going to practices and watching her games – it’s a lot of fun. This year, however, she has moved up to the next level which is proving to be much more difficult than the earlier years she has played.
The rules are a little different this year, the quality of players is much higher than last year and Meg really wants to work as hard as she can to be as good at the boys on her team.
Unfortunately, yesterday, she was practicing sliding with her team and ended up injuring her back. I could be wrong but I think that the reason was that they were sliding on grass…not on the usual dirt field. Her foot stopped suddenly in the grass, but the rest of her body twisted and she pulled a muscle in her back.
She screamed out so loudly and at first we didn’t even know what had happened. Well, I put ice on it all last night, but the minute she put her backpack on this morning, her back hurt again.
I may be a wimp, but I am really worried about her playing this year. She is afraid to try sliding again and unfortunately, sliding is mandatory if you are running from third base to home.
I’d hate for her to miss this season, but I really don’t want her to injure herself even more.
She’s tough, though…and I think if she heals from this she should be able to play fine the rest of the season. Hopefully her team won’t play well enough and she will never have to slide into home base. lol
How parents with more than one child stay sane, I will never know. I worry and fret over the safety and happiness of one daughter, I don’t know how I could do that with more than one child.