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Bookmarks for January 1st through January 25th

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These are my links for January 1st through January 25th:

The art of grading exams

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On every site I visit this month, the topics of conversation are the same. 
These topics mostly revolve around: 1) the holidays and 2) exams. 
For those of you who haven’t gone to college yet, never went to college, (or had so much “fun” while they were in college that they have forgotten most of their college years) – the holiday season in December is filled not only with the joys and stresses of present-buying, money shortages, and general holiday concerns, it also includes the stresses of having to avoid a brain meltdown that occurs when being forced to study for the final exams for each of your college classes.

The worst case college holiday scenario?  When an exam AND a paper is required at the end of the term.  “A paper” is a misleading term, I should add.  In college, “a paper” usually stands for “10+ papers/pages or more”.  Go figure. 

Now, we must move onto not only the student’s stress, but that of the professors.  After all the exams and “papers” have been turned in, the professors now have the thankless job of grading each exam and reading each term paper.  How do they get all of this done and still keep their sanity?  How do they get through the act of reading 10 pages per student…10 pages that could just as easily been read (sometimes word for word) from a number of sites online?  10+ pages that get less and less interesting to read as the days inch closer and closer to Christmas?

Well, the truth has finally been revealed…Dan Solove has provided us with a small tour (including pictures!) of the art and precision used by the professors when it come to grading college exams and college papers.
I found it enlightening…I think you will, too!  :)