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Bookmarks for July 13th through September 3rd

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These are my links for July 13th through September 3rd:

Blogging Choices

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Well, I cancelled my doctor’s appointment for Thursday – my mysterious weight loss has stopped for now and I honestly just need to take a break from doctors for a while.  I have an eye appointment tomorrow (to check on how my new contacts are doing…they stink, by the way) and that’s about it.  My doc also wants to check my cholesterol, but I haven’t gotten around to exercising yet, which is what I think will be the magical ingredient to bring down the cholesterol again.  I have no good reason for not exercising – I just don’t want to spend my time doing it.

I am in sort of a blogging quandary, by the way.  (Off-topic: It would appear that quandary has a second “a” in it.  I totally missed that. I love spell check…that little red squiggle line is my best friend.  I’m usually a really careful speller, but it does catch me every now and again. )

Okay, so back to the matter on hand.  I have this site, which is really my personal, “all about me” blog.  I put everything here.  Well, I plan to do that, at least.  I’ve been MIA for a while, but my writing skills have suffered, so I really want to make this a daily thing.  My problem is that I also have a personal health blog –  I kind of wanted to use that blog to track my nutrition, dietary, and food & exercise info.  Do I just merge that with this one?  Do I post about my cholesterol woes in both places?  Do I just post about diet and exercise there and not here?  Bah.  Such a silly thing to wonder about, but I want to have some clear-cut boundaries for what should be included in each site.


Maybe I can just link to that site when I add a detailed post about my dieting/nutritional journey.  I’ll try that and see how it goes. Problem solved.  For now.

Okay, onto other business.  I crafted my Task List for the week and I only had to transfer 2 uncompleted tasks from last week.  Not too bad.  I currently have 8 tasks for the upcoming week.  The big ones are to complete my first assignment for my “Christian Ethics in Modern Society” college course and the next one is to either apply for a credit card or a student loan to pay for my final 2 college classes.  I know student loans have a lower interest rate, but once you have one, you can never ever get rid of it.  I swear.  They’ll hunt you down even after you die – I think they automatically get your forwarding address in heaven.  So. I’ll try for a credit card first.  I only need $1800 to finish the last 2 courses to graduate.  I am soooo close.  It’s really exciting!