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Oma (again)

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Well, my blog is an excellent example of how I live my life. I pursue something with such enthusiasm…to the point where I begin to neglect the basics of life. And then….I abandon it and the zest I felt for the once beloved activity quickly disappears. When I started this blog, I wrote every day…sometimes twice a day. Now…as my life begins to revolve around other activities, I find that I end up ignoring this activity altogether. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, I do not know. But, this is how I live my life and how I approach everything in my life. Extreme highs and lows. Enthusiasm then neglect. I can only assume that many people live their lives in such a manner. I am always looking for the middle road…the balance…the in-between, but I have yet to master the art of balancing the highs and lows.
As for today, I am back to write again to my journal. Today, however, I have sad news.
My grandmother who has lived with us for the past few years, passed away this morning.
My mother found her next to her bed on the floor. She had a heart condition, so it appears that her heart failed her as she was beginning her morning routine.
I do know that I will miss her, but I am glad for the time I had to spend with her. I am glad, too, for the fact that my daughter had a chance to live so close to her great-grandmother. Many children do not have the chance to interact with their great-grandparents, but Meg has lived with both and she is lucky to have known them.
We’ll miss you, Oma. Give Ota a kiss and a hug for us in heaven. XOXOXOXO


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Well, the past few days have been stressful, to say the least. I have two grandparents still living. I have a grandmother (who we call Oma Renn) – she lives with us – and another grandmother (Oma Schultz) who lives about 45 minutes away from us.
Oma Renn is never completely healthy. When we ask her how she is feeling she always answers in the same way: “Not so good” She has been in America for over 50 years and still hasn’t grasped the English language very well. Although she lives with us, I can’t say that we have gotten very close to her. Her German accent makes it difficult to communicate with her most of the time. She is also very high-maintenance and is happiest when everyone is caring for her and worrying about her. When anyone else is sick, she is usually very concerned about that person, but only in relation to how is affects her. She is small, frail and can be sweet, but she is very very needy.

My other grandmother is a little more Americanized and self-sufficient. She is addicted to home remedies and lives her life reading homeopathic books and newsletters.
I can’t recall her ever being sick.
Well, this grandmother had a heart attack last Friday. After feeling chest pain Friday morning, she quickly downed a glass of eggplant juice and took a spoonful of molasses and apple cider vinegar, but soon discovered that the pain would not go away.
My mother finally convinced her, by telephone, that she needed to call 911 and to get herself to a hospital.
It turns out that she had been told a few years ago that her blood pressure was very high and she had been given medicine for it….but she never took it.
She relied on eggplant juice to keep her healthy.

So, now my aunt and my cousin are staying with us this week. They flew in from Georgia and have been visiting my grandmother every day. According the tests, a number of her arteries are blocked and they look as though they have been “chewed up”.
After 3 days in the hospital my grandmother is also beginning to show signs of dementia. She is disoriented and keeps asking for my grandfather (who passed away 12 years ago). It’s a little scary to see someone start to deteriorate like this.
My father wants to head over to her house while she is still in the hospital and toss out every single homeopathic item she has stored there. How frustrating this is for him…for all of us.
They are talking about putting her into a rehab facility for a week or so to help her get back on her feet again. Then, it appears that she might come here to live for a few weeks.
Our house is large, but I can imagine that it won’t be large enough for all of us. It’s amazing how quickly things change. Life sure does throw some amazing curveballs sometimes.

My family

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Since I still live at home with dear old mom and dad, I will probably be spending a lot of time talking about my family. So, I thought I’d give a little run-down of exactly my family is and who lives at home with us.

Setting: A large L-shaped ranch in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Characters: Nikolaus (father), Josephine (mother), Jennifer (me…born in 1974), Meghan (my daughter…born in 1994), Brian (my brother…born in 1978), Christopher (my brother…born in 1982), and my grandmother whom I call Oma.

Background: My parents (Nikolaus and Josephine) have been happily married for nearly 30 years and raised their children in a middle to upper-middle class household with traditional, Christian values.

School facts: Christopher is in college at Penn State and Brian is still at home, finishing his business degree at a local university. I am also in college to finish my second degree in legal/psychology studies. I intend to go to graduate school to get my teaching degree and then hopefully find a nice little house for Meghan and myself.

Personal Notes: Good Christian values aside, I am a single mom and have never been married. *shrugs* I tend to do things a little backwards sometimes. I think everyone probably has a few big “oops…did I do that?” moments in their lives. But, I don’t think I ever see Meghan as an “oops”…she is a joy and I am very lucky to be her mom.

Single motherhood is tough…but I’m getting better at it, I think.  I hope! :)