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Sorting My Online Life

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Is anyone else completely addicted to organizing their virtual world?  I just spent the past 3 hours going through all my Gmail messages and making sure I have them labeled (with fancy colors) and sorted and in all the right places.  I even went through all my contacts and added little pictures to everyone and updated their addresses and and phone numbers and such.  I am also in the process of weeding through and reorganizing my Firefox bookmarks. This is actually a task that is always in progress!

My next stop is my Photobucket account.  It is incredibly un-feng shui right now.  Nothing is sorted at all!
Photos mixed in with blinkies. Videos mixed in with backgrounds. Motivational posters mixed in with glitter text.

Everything is all willy-nilly and it drives me batty.

On a side note, it sure has been a while since I posted.  I think I really need to update the look of this place.  It’s just plain ‘blah’.

Firefox Central

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I love familiarity…but after biting the bullet and giving the new Firefox a try, I think I am in love.
Go here: Firefox Central. Download it. Play with it. Add some extensions to it.
Love it.