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Birthday Number 29

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Well, I’m 29 years old today. Eech. Can I really be this old??
It was a pretty okay day for me. Mom is in sort of a funky mood…so I have been avoiding her all day. And, I didn’t get an official “Happy Birthday” from anyone until around noon. Even Meghan forgot, which bummed me out a little bit. But she did make it up to me by making me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. All by herself…so, that was sweet. As for my gifts…well, I actually only got one this year, but it was a big one….my JVC GRDVL720U MiniDV Digital Camcorder . I am in love with it already.
Plus I got a bunch of money from the other family members, so I can buy some extras for myself when I head to the mall this weekend.

Well, I suppose I’ll just end this day by spending some time with Meg and then heading to bed. I can’t remember having a more disappointing birthday, to tell you the truth. I mean, I know that as you get older, the excitement of birthdays will dwindle, but….I just kind of expected to have this day be a little more special than every other day. Well, Happy Birthday to me. (And Christian Slater, Patrick Swayze, Edward Norton, Robert Redford, and anyone else out there)

Almost Christmas

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Well, today is dad’s birthday. As usual, we had to go through all of his Christmas gifts and figure out which ones we will give to him for his birthday. He was tough to buy for this year. The one and only thing he specifically asked for was Frontpage 2002. He is easy to please, though…we could wrap an old pair of his own shoes for him and he’d be happy. :)
I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here. I could swear that it comes much more quickly than it did when I was younger. I love the Christmas season…I shop every Black Friday and every Christmas Eve. I love walking through the shopping mall listening to the Christmas music and being a part of the frenzied shopping experience. I feel like we barely got all of our decorations up and soon we will be taking them down again. Well, I’ll just have to squeeze every bit of the Christmas experience that I can for this season. I do love this time of the year – family, friends, celebrations, gifts, vacation….so much fun! :)