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So, I am a little bit broke.  I’m not quite sure how it happened or when it happened, but I am suddenly scrounging for extra cash these days.  I have been toying with the idea of going back to work for again, but I seriously don’t think I can handle the stress of being under the scrutiny of their fickle QC department.  I also know that they changed the entire pay system right after I stopped working for them earlier this year.  According to a friend of mine who still works for them, her income was cut by about 40% since the pay changes.  The only reason I stopped working for ChaCha in the first place was because I had mono.  (I could hardly sit in my computer chair for more than 5 minutes before falling asleep.)  Now that I am better, I just don’t think I am willing to spend 8 hours a day for a measly 2 to 3 dollars an hour.  I am sure I can make more money doing something else.

The job market where I live is horrid.  I would only be looking for a part-time job because I plan on taking on 3 college classes by the end of October.  I do not wish to work at McDonald’s or the local supermarket.  Been there, done that.  I stopped considering those types of jobs after the age of 25…and I’m not nearly that desperate.  Yet.

So, my next choice is to try to find another way to make some extra money online.  I plan to rejoin the ranks of WAHMs.  I’ve done it before (via ChaCha, eHow, and my web site.)  I’m sure I can get things rolling to do it again.

First things first.  I need to get my products back up for sale on my web site.  I made some decent cash that way and it hardly required any work on my part.  The second thing I need to do is to build up my traffic again.  I closed down the site a few years ago when my anxiety disorder reared its ugly head and my traffic (understandably) took a hit.  Closing a site will do that, you know.

The next thing I plan on doing is working on writing some more eHow articles.  I’ve received 2 checks from them so far and that’s with only 4 articles.  I am sure I can spit out a few more.  After that, I want to start building and possibly flipping some blog sites.  I love working with WordPress and I’m becoming much more familiar with it.  I have a ton of articles I can use and a bunch of interests I can write about.  I think I can make that work.  Niche blogging can be profitable if you do it right.

I just really need to get focused and work out a solid checklist for the upcoming week.  I find myself getting easily distracted these days.  I have been trying so hard to make up for the months I lost this year when I was sick and I think I am making things worse by trying to get everything done at once.  It’s just so awesome to feel so good again.  I want to just stay awake all day and all night and just…be productive again!
That darned human need to get daily sleep keeps mucking up my plans. Tongue

Ups and Downs

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Well, this was a weekend of ups and downs for us.
The ‘up’ was a very successful day at the Elementary School craft fair.  I sold almost 80 name prints and made a nice amount of Christmas cash.  (Thank goodness!)  Meghan and her two friends, Macy and Alyssa, also made about 100 dollars by selling their chocolate and some of the needlepoint and sewing crafts they made.  It was a fun day, but a little stressful, too.  A lot of people and the responsibility of keeping an eye on the girls and their craft table…eek – I barely had time to take more than 3 sips of coffee the entire day.  On the bright side, I survived without a panic attack, so that is a sure sign that my anxiety disorder is indeed under control.  It’s been so long that I almost forgot what it was like when I was plagued by them almost every day.

The ‘down’ of this weekend was that my Uncle Joe passed away.  He had been sick for quite a while and my aunt and cousins have been under a tremendous strain these past few months.  Sadly, I honestly can’t recall the last time I saw him, but I am sad that I can’t go to the funeral tomorrow.  Our family is so small that I really feel it is important to be there during times like these.  Even if this particular side of the family isn’t as close to us as the others are.  I love the holidays so dearly, that it makes me very sad to think that it won’t be quite a happy holiday for my aunt and cousins this year.

Well, this is yet another late night post, so I must head to bed.  The longer I stay up, the more likely it is that I will not hear my alarm clock in the morning.  And, I really hate when that happens.  :(

Two Weeks Notice

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Well, I had to give my two weeks notice at work last week. Not only that, but I am reporting the place to the PA Department of Public Welfare for endangering the lives of children. There are so many problems that I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

I suppose it all started when our boss at the day care decided to move the entire day care upstairs a few weeks ago. The reason for this was that they were doing construction downstairs and ended up upsetting a nest of snakes (which included a copperhead) in the walls. The parents were not told about the snakes, but the employees found out and promised that there were no safety issues. I don’t know how you can promise something like that, but that is what they did. We received notice that one of the children had head lice. Joy (our boss) wanted to do nothing about it – no spraying, no informing the parents, etc. It wasn’t until she was confronted by some of the staff that she finally gave in and decided to take the appropriate actions in this situation.

Upstairs, we had all the children cramped in a small room to sleep, eating in an even smaller room and Miss Joy (our boss) thought everything was just peachy. There were play pens blocking the doors and there were days when the heat was unbearable. Joy took our fans home to dry out her basement after it flooded, which left us and the children with no way to stay cool when it was warm up there.
When I approached her with my concerns, she was very defensive about everything I had to say. Within days, one more employee gave her two weeks notice and two parents pulled their children from the day care.

This situation is difficult to understand because Joy comes across as very very nice. She was my daughter’s piano teacher and I have known her for over a year. But, just because people are kind and sweet, it does not mean that they are competent at running a day care center. She didn’t think the rooms were too small for the kids, she wasn’t too bothered by the fact that there were poisonous snakes downstairs and it doesn’t concern her that the water last week smelled like sulfur and the kids were given that water to drink.


I come from a good, solid, upperclass family and this place disgusts me. The director of the day care baffles me and I cannot fathom how anyone can send their child to a place that is run in this manner.

So, this will be my last week at Little Acorns and I am sick with everything that has happened. I will be glad to no longer deal with my boss – she has been disrespectful to me since the day I confronted her about the day care problems…I have no desire to foster any further contact with this lady.
I have received two offers to work with kids at other child care centers in the area – they heard about what happened here and offered me an immediate job. I just pray that the kids stay safe and that my co-workers find new places to work. It’s time to move on and let Little Acorns Day Care of Dingman’s Ferry PA close its doors.

Successful Sunday

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This is me —-> :-D I had a rather successful day today. I played around with my blog and have a nifty little radio on the left. Listen and enjoy!

I also finished all four courses for my new Computer Programming course which will bring me to my midterm….WAY ahead of schedule.

To top off the successful day, I found a fantastic…FANTASTIC…site with a preschool curriculum I can use at the day care where I work.

I just started working there about a month ago and Joy (the day care director) gave me a raise last week and asked me to take over the computer teaching and preschool learning times with the kids. Even though I have taken 5 or 6 college course in childhood education and even though I do want to be a teacher when I finally graduate from college, my ultimate goal is to teach middle school or high school…not preschool.
In any case, I found a terrific web site called which provides us with an excellent learning program for infants to school-aged children. It has a weekly schedule which can be altered and adjusted to your needs. I was getting a little panicky when Joy first approached me with the task of teaching the kids, but I have so many ideas now and more importantly, I have a basic plan to work with. The rest of the week will be spent fine-tuning the lesson plans for next week. I want to spend this week getting an idea of how much the kids already know and what their skill levels are. The ages are 3 to 5, so we have a rather large window of learning skills to work with here.

Organizing and planning….list-making and charts….I think I am in heaven!