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Bye Blogger

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This was a tough decision, but I decided it was time to move my other blog (the one that was dedicated to last year’s weight loss journey) from Blogger to my private web host here.  I figured out how to host multiple WP blogs from one installation and I want to take advantage of that.
I hate leaving Blogger.  I’m a sucker for Google and its fun interconnected network of goodies, but…well, WordPress just has so much more available to me.  I was going to merge it with this site, but I really want to keep all the intensive dieting/nutrition/exercise stuff in one place.  I still want to use Blogger for something…I just don’t know what yet.

So far I have all the entries imported, but need to rework them a little and try to make sense of all the categories and tags I threw onto all the posts.  I stink at tagging.  Seriously.  I overtag and overcategorize.  They need to teach a class on that.
I also want to tweak the template and decide upon all the fun plugins I want to add.  (That’s my favorite part!)

In any case, the other site should be up and running again in a week or so and then everyone can pop over there and read all about my final journey to lose weight.  Yes.  Final.  I have lost the weight and I think I have finally – FINALLY – found the right mix of healthy habits to keep me at this weight forever.