My (Semi) Daily 9Diary

Here is how I spent my day.

Breakfast: Simple breakfast – 2 eggs and a slice of Ezekiel bread with coconut oil.
Lunch: An even simpler lunch – a pear with natural peanut butter.
Dinner: Picked up a veggie egg white flatbread from Dunkin Donuts.
Mood: My back really hurts today – back and sides.  Still waiting on the results from the doctor about it.
Weather: Cold, but sunny.
Weight: No change.  That’s fine by me.  :)
TV: Caught up on some of my Dr. Oz episodes.  Soooo much info.  It’s hard to keep up!
Gaming: Playing Battlefield 3 on the XBox 360 with an old friend from work.  I’m still working on my skillz.
Reading: Back to finishing up ‘David Copperfield.’  I really liked this one.  Tomorrow I finish ‘Tom Sawyer’ and then I have 2 papers to write for school.

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